2014 PB2 Ballot

In 2014 we celebrated 25 years of PB around the world and 5 years of PB in the US with a party in NYC. Attendees chose two more projects to support with PB2!

PBP Computer Upgrade – $3,500 [Winning Project]

Sticky keyboard keys. Desktops so old that they don’t run current versions of Windows. Constant computer crashes. PBP’s office technology needs a boost! Help us replace worn-out equipment and provide new computers for our program staff in New York, Chicago, and Oakland.

Conference Scholarships for Youth and Low-Income Participants – $3,500 [Winning Project]

Support youth and low-income participants to attend the 3rd annual conference on Participatory Budgeting in the US & Canada, in September in the San Francisco Bay Area. This project will cover travel stipends and registration for four youth or low-income participants, so they can share their experiences and connect to PB practitioners from around the world.

Training video – $5,000

Help us produce an initial two-minute training video to teach city staff and facilitators how to run a PB assembly to collect project ideas. We’d love to be there in-person for every training, but it’s not always possible with the growing demand! A dynamic video can be used in webinars and meetings to help local teams prepare and facilitate better assemblies, while cutting costs for trainings.

Seed funding for interactive database of past project ideas – $4,000

Imagine being able to search through an interactive archive of all the project and spending ideas generated through PB across North America. It’s possible! Help us work with key technology partners to develop a proposal for turning our many scattered spreadsheets into one useable database of PB projects and ideas. We’ll use the proposal to raise the additional funding necessary to build an accessible and visually engaging interface that will help people learn about and build on past projects and that inspires them to think of exciting new ideas.

SMS engagement toolkit – $3,000

Help us expand the potential of outreach efforts through mobile texting tools. New mobile tools can assist organizers with engaging hard-to-reach communities. Imagine volunteer sign-ups, meeting reminders, and vote outreach updates going out to thousands of residents via text messages. Building on PBP’s pilot project with SMS engagement in Boston, we will create a how-to guide for coordinators and organizers, so that they can apply mobile tools to their local contexts.