To practice what we preach, we invite everyone who donates to our organization to decide how part of the donations are spent – it’s our own participatory budgeting process (PB for PB, or PB2).

Your donations determine the pot of money.In past years you funded our intro video, organizing toolkit, and MyReps tool. This year you can decide how to spend at least $18,000.

All donations made by the end of July will increase the pot of money – the more you give, the more projects we can fund!

The PB Amplifiers and our staff vetted and researched these ideas, then turned them into the 9 project proposals below.

The results are in! Read the full announcement on our blog.
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PB Photos

Picture PB



Elected officials and funders are more likely to support PB when they can see its impacts. So let’s show them by lifting up photos of community projects funded through PB! We’ll use the funding to collect photos of completed projects and create an online photo archive, to tell a visual story about what PB can do.


Text me PB



Text messaging (SMS) tools assist organizers with engaging hard-to-reach communities, as cell phone ownership is especially high among youth, Latino and black communities. We will create an SMS engagement toolkit for PB coordinators and organizers, including planning templates, sample messages, and a how-to guide. Help us expand the potential of PB outreach efforts through mobile texting tools.


Share thisShare This Democracy



Develop tips and templates for social media in each stage in the PB cycle. Launch the toolkit with a webinar, which can also serve as a new training tool for local PB processes. The toolkit will enable PB staff and participants to engage more people in more effective ways.


DigitalVotingDigital Voting Toolkit



Voting in PB is often one of the biggest logistical questions that PB planners need to address. We know that multiple ways to vote leads to more voters but when it comes to digital, there is a lot to consider. We will produce a guide for PB staff and Steering Committees on options for digital & online voting, including case studies, tools, and best practices.


DataData for Delegates – FUNDED!



Develop an initial online hub of resources that delegates can use to make informed decisions about what projects to include on the ballot. Delegates often lack comprehensive data about community demographics and needs, making it hard to assess projects and lift up projects that address the greatest community needs. The data hub will provide delegates with fast and easy access to necessary data, and tools for how they can collect and visualize data.


PB at the White HouseAfter the Election



Develop and deliver short memos for newly elected federal, state, and local elected officials on how they can support PB. For federal and state officials, include proposals for matching funds, staff support, and regulatory changes that support local PB processes. We will work with partners to deliver the recommendations to presidential and mayoral transition teams, and to other newly elected officials.


SchoolsPB in Schools Video – FUNDED!



Produce a 3-5 minute PB in Schools video, documenting a PB process in which students decide how to spend part of their school budget. The video will complement the new PB in Schools curriculum and help advocates win more school PB processes.


small town pbSmall Town PB



Create new resource materials to support PB implementation in cities and towns with less than 50,000 residents. We will synthesize lessons learned from the initial PB processes in small cities, highlighting how roles and responsibilities, staffing, and engagement should be configured for smaller communities. The new materials will enable more small cities and towns to implement PB with less external assistance.


PB on TourPB on Tour



Host educational community events and trainings in three cities, bringing together PB participants to learn and celebrate together. Each event will highlight top PB ideas and practices from around the world, to help participants deepen their knowledge and improve their work. We’ll also have fun, making new friends and coming together as a warm fuzzy revolutionary community!

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Read more about PB2 and the projects funded in past years.