Young people from Vallejo, Boston, and NYC on a panel discussion at the 3rd International Conference on PB in North America


To practice what we preach, we invite everyone who donates to our organization to decide how part of the donations are spent – it’s our own participatory budgeting process (PB for PB, or PB2).

Your donations determine the pot of money. Last year, you funded stipends to bring young people to our annual conference and the first version of our Organizing toolkit. This year our donors are voting on how to spend up to $14,000 $16,000!

We collected more than 80 ideas at open houses and through our stakeholder survey from February to May. The PB Amplifiers and our staff vetted and researched these ideas, then turned them into the 9 project proposals below!

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VideoTraining Video: Proposal Development



Create a short training video on the proposal development/budget delegate phase of PB. Proposal development is one of the most demanding parts of any PB process and was identified as a major point of difficulty in our 2015 stakeholder survey. Following the success of the idea collection facilitation training video, this project will make it easier to make PB more accessible for all participants.



SMS Engagement Toolkit



Create an SMS engagement toolkit for PB coordinators and organizers, including planning templates, sample messages, and a how-to guide. SMS, or text messaging, can assist organizers with engaging hard-to-reach communities, as cell phone ownership is especially high among youth, Latino and black communities. Help us expand the potential of PB outreach efforts through mobile texting tools.



TrainingPB Advocacy Training Curriculum



Develop a new in-person training on how to win PB in your community, to pilot at our 2016 conference. Through a train the trainers approach, build the capacity of local organizers to lead effective campaigns for PB. Use the trainings to build peer support relationships between organizers, and to share lessons learned from veteran organizers. The funding will go to staff and contractor time to develop training curriculum and materials.



DigitalVotingImprove Digital Tools for Voting



Research, test and improve tools for voter authentication. This year, several partner cities have successfully deployed new digital tools to make voting, vote counting, and voter registration more efficient and to facilitate in-person voting, but voter authentication still remains a key challenge to expanding digital voting. Help us work with our partners and software developers to improve and test new tools and guides that will make it possible for more cities to run a successful PB vote.



ElectedsFinalOnline Tools for Asking Local Officials to Launch PB



Develop or integrate a free online tool for pitching PB directly to local officials. We’ll work with partners and software developers to integrate “contact your local official” tools on our website, so that anyone can write, call, or tweet at their local officials. We’ll also develop sample messages, tweets, and phone raps to help focus your organizing efforts. Last year, you decided to fund version 1.0 of the PB Organizing Toolkit– now help us get started on version 2.0!



MarginalizedGroupsToolkit: Organizing Marginalized Communities in PB



Produce a toolkit with resources and guidance on organizing and engaging traditionally underrepresented communities in PB processes. The toolkit will build on outreach materials developed in local PB processes, and will include sample rap sheets and talking points, publicity materials, instructions for phone-banking and door-knocking.  It will enable more staff and organizers to effectively engage youth, people of color, low-income communities, and other residents who are typically underrepresented.



SchoolsPB in Schools Curriculum



Work with a professional curriculum developer to create lesson plans that teachers can use to implement PB in schools. Draw on existing lesson plans drafted for various school PB processes to develop and refine easy to use template materials. By bringing PB into the classroom, we can empower students to decide on their school budgets, and inspire them to keep building a more participatory democracy after graduation!



ImpactsPB Outcomes & Photo Archive



Local officials and their constituents are more likely to do PB when they can see its impacts. So let’s show them! Help us revamp how we communicate the outcomes and impacts of PB. We’ll use the funding to create an online photo archive of funded and completed projects, to tell a visual story about the kinds of projects that have been funded, and to work with an IT partner to identify new software for sharing data and metrics about PB in North America.



Conference“By the People” Conference Participation



Bring students, PBP staff, and organizational partners to the conference “By the People: Participatory democracy, civic engagement and citizenship education” at Arizona State University in December 2015. This project will cover travel stipends and registrations for five people for a “PB track” at the conference. It will enable us to bring in key speakers from PB processes, particularly those working with schools, to speak, learn, and build new relationships.


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