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Participatory Budgeting has captured the imagination of policy makers, political activists and academics. The list of organizations, resource sites, and advocates of participatory budgeting is extremely varied, and runs all the way from “socialists for participatory budgeting” in Buenos Aires to the Bertelsmann foundation, in Germany, which advocates transparency and free markets. The academic literature is also extremely varied. Below is an abridged list of resources. For additional information on each area click the "more resources" link below it.

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Resource Websites
PB Campaigns and Organizations



General Information on PB

“Participatory Budgeting,” The World Bank Guide to Participatory Budgeting, including definitions, How-To’s, and descriptions of Bank-funded projects

“Participatory Budgeting” presentation at the World Bank by Zander Navarro (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre) (Power Point)

“72 Frequently Asked Questions about Participatory budgeting.” Urban governance toolkit series. July 2004 UN –Habitat: GLOBAL CAMPAIGN ON URBAN GOVERNANCE.

Bringing budgets alive: participatory budgeting in practice. Community Pride Initiative/Oxfam UK

A Guide to Participatory Budgeting. Brian Wampler’s Guide at IBP

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PB in Porto Alegre

Website of the city of Porto Alegre.

Orçamento Participativo: The remarkable experience of direct democracy in a Brazilian town.

UN Habitat II, Best Practices Database. Description of PB in Porto Alegre, by United Nations in several languages. 2002.

Participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre: Toward a redistributive democracy Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Politics & Society; Stoneham; Dec 1998.

Slicing Up the Pie: Community involvement in PB in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Bridget O’Rourke, Community Pride Initiative.

Participatory Budgeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil. By William Goldsmith. Planners Network Online, no. 140. Available online:

Interviews about PB with 3 PT mayors in Porto Alegre, from 1989 to 2002 (Olívio Dutra, Tarso Genro, Raul Pont). Abers, Rebbeca. 2001.

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Case Studies

Avritzer, Leonardo. Civil Society, Public Space and Local Power: a study of the Participatory Budget in Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. 2000.

Recife, Brazil: Gender and the Participatory Budget. Win News 29-3. Summer 2003.

Lerner, Josh and Estair Van Wagner. Participatory Budgeting in Canada: Democratic Innovations in Strategic Spaces. The Transnational Institute, 2006.

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Evaluations of PB

Budgets As If People Mattered: Democratising Macroeconomic Policies UNDP/SEPED

Participation, Citizenship and Local Governance John Gaventa and Camilo Valderrama Institute of Development Studies, June 21-24, 1999 Background note prepared for workshop on ‘Strengthening participation in local governance’

Assessment of Participatory Budgeting in Brazil. Center for Urban Development Studies Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

Participatory Budgets – A Tool for Participatory Democracy. Francoise Lieberherr, February 2003, Urban News No 7.,

What If Citizens Got To Decide the City Budget? Brazil’s Workers Party Tries "Participatory Budgeting" by Micah Maidenberg, Labor Notes, October 2002

Practicing Radical Democracy: Lessons from Brazil. Rebecca Abers, Paper presented at the Workshop: Insurgent Planning Practices – Perugia, Italy, June 21-27, 1998

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Fung, Archon and Erik Olin Wright (1998). Experiments in Deliberative Democracy: Introduction. Available online:

Avritzer, Leonardo. Modes of Democratic Deliberation: theoretical remarks on participatory budgeting in Brazil.

Schugurensky, Daniel. Participatory Budget: A tool for democratizing democracy.Toronto Metro Hall, April 29, 2004.



Abers, Rebecca (1998). Inventando a democracia: Distribuição de recursos públicos através da participação popular em Porto Alegre, RGS.

Baierle, Sergio (1998). Experiência do Orçamento Participativo: Um oásis no deserto neoliberal?

Baierle, Sergio (1999). Democracia radical e cidadania: A economia moral dos sujeitos.

Cassen, Bernard (1998). Democracia participativa em Porto Alegre: Uma experiência exemplar no Brasil.

CIDADE (1998). Os personagens principais do Orçamento Participativo: O que éser delegado e conselheiro do Orçamento Participativo.

Motta, João & Betânia Alfonsin (2001). Gestão Democrática em Porto Alegre:dificuldades e oportunidades para vançar uma experiência exitosa.

Pires Rocha Roberto, 2002. O Orçamento Participativo em Belo Horizonte e seus efeitos distributivos sobre a exclusão territorial, disponibile sul sito

Pozzobon, Regina Maria (2000). Uma experiência de gestão pública: Orçamento Participativo de Porto Alegre.

Souza, Marcelo Lopes de (2000). Os orçamentos participativos e suaespacialidade. Uma agenda de pesquisa.

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Baratta, Tereza. Relatório del Encuentro de Trabajo Presupuesto Participativo en la Gestión Municipal. IBAM. Pobreza urbana y desarrollo, año 8, n.17, abril 1998, p. 99-101

Genro, Tarso. El mundo globalizado y el Estado necessario. Pobreza urbana y desarrollo. Año 8, n.17, abril 1998, p. 11-16

Godoy, Lilia. El presupuesto participativo como una herramienta fundamental de participación ciudadana. Responsabilidad, Buenos Ayres, n.23, p.5-6, otob./1999

Pires, Valdemir. Limites y potencialidades del presupuesto participativo. Revista International del Presupuesto Público, año XXVII, n.42, marzo-abril 2000, p. 81-122.



Bangel, Jutta (2001). Interview von Jutta Bangel mit Luciano Brunet, Mitglied des Ausschusses des Orçamento Participativo.

Becker, Joachim (2001). Der progressive erweiterte Staat: Zivilgesellschaft, Lokalstaat und partizipatives Budget in Porto Alegre.

Cassen, Bernhard (1998). Le monde diplomatique: Einmischung erwünscht in Porto Alegre, als Beilage der TAZ vom 06.08.1998.

Kaufmann, Bruno (1999). Die ZEIT: Die Welt der direkten Demokratie- Ein überblick. 51/99.

Kesselring, Thomas (2001). Porto Alegre – «Davos» in Brasilien – Die sozialen Rezeptedes Bürgermeisters Tarso Genro.

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation for the Democratization of Budget Policies: Interviews about PB in Porto Alegre/Brasil.

Schachtner, Christina im Gespräch mit Prof. Dr. Danilo Streck. Der Staatshaushalt alsGegenstand von Bürgerbeteiligung.

Zimmermann, Clóvis R. (2001). Innovation in der brasilianischen Verwaltung – Das Modell der Stadt Porto Alegre.

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Resource Websites

Projeto Democracia Participativa (Portuguese)

The International Budget Project (IBP) (International organization focusing on public budgeting issues)

Participatory Budgeting Project Site at University of British Columbia

Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany (Information about several projects)

UNESCO Program Community Participation and Governance

UN-Habitat (The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, the United Nations agency for human settlements)

URBAL (European Union project linking European partners with Latin America on issues of local governance)

Bibliography on PB Università degli Studi di Siena

Bibliography on PB from Praxis Philosiphie

Daniel Shugurensky’s Virtual Library on PB

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Participation Group

Logolink (Participation and Local Governance)

Buergerhaushalt (info on PB in German)

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PB Campaigns and Organizations

PSOE, Getafe (Socialist Party site in Spain)

CIDADE (NGO in Porto Alegre)

Budget Participatif (French network promoting budget participation) (promoting PB in the UK)

Socialists for PB in Buenos Aires (Spanish)

Lawrence Community Works (Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA)

Neighborhood Capital Budget Group (Chicago, USA)

Urban Ecology Center (Montreal, Canada)

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