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We offer a variety of services to local governments, public agencies, and community organizations that are interested in developing or improving participatory budgeting processes.
– Speakers & Workshops
– Technical Assistance
– Evaluation
– Research
Speakers & Workshops
– Introduction to PB talks
– Demo workshops
– Customized talks and workshops for schools, housing authorities, and community organizations
Technical Assistance
Support and accompaniment for:
– Building broad community partnerships
– Participatory rule-making and process design
– Development of technical tools, such as budget matrices and voting systems
– Planning and facilitation of community workshops, assemblies, and meetings
– Preparation of budget literacy and educational materials
– Staff training and capacity-building
– Production of publicity materials
– Participatory evaluation
– Development of evaluation frameworks, including monitoring indicators and survey, interview, and observation tools
– Preparation and dissemination of evaluation reports
– Facilitation of evaluation and planning workshops
– Feasibility and scoping studies
– Research on best practices from other cities
– Participatory action research

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