Public Education

To raise awareness and understanding of PB, we organize and deliver talks, workshops, and other public events for governments,  institutions, and organizations. Each year, we organize an international conference on PB, to connect PB organizers, researchers, practitioners, and officials in the US, Canada, and elsewhere. In addition to these events, we regularly publish articles, guides, and other educational materials.

See a full list of our publications on the articles page.


> Public talks
> Training workshops
> Facilitator trainings
> International Conferences
> Development of educational materials

Public Talk

Public Talks

We regularly speak at conferences, university seminars, government briefings, and community events, to inform and engage the public and policy-makers.

“We’re still reverberating with all the information, possibilities, and connections generated by PBP’s visit.” – Marnie Thompson, Fund for Democratic Communities


Workshops & Trainings

We deliver PB training workshops, facilitator trainings, and custom workshops, to build the capacity of local groups to implement and engage with PB processes.

“Very well planned agenda… interactive, focused, and lots of variety of methods to engage.” – Toronto Community Housing staff workshop participant



We organize international conferences on PB, bringing together elected officials, practitioners, organizers, researchers and participants to exchange ideas, observe PB in action, and develop stronger relationships. Visit our Conference website for more details.

“I often felt inspired by presenters and other participants: so much variety in their cities, so many lessons to share… It left me wanting to stay in touch with a dozen participants.”  – Robert Loring, Conference participant

Educational Materials

To provide resources and support to PB advocates and participants, we develop and publish articles, guides, and other media.