To establish and strengthen PB experiences, we offer support for governments, public institutions, and organizations working to develop PB processes. This support ranges from limited technical assistance with specific stages of PB to playing the lead role in implementing the process. For more details, visit our project pages below.


  • Participatory rule-making and process design
  • Training and capacity-building
  • Planning and facilitation of workshops and meetings
  • Development of tools for budget deliberations
  • Preparation of educational materials
  • Production of publicity materials
  • Development of outreach tools and plans

We have launched or supported the following processes:

  • City / Level of PB
  • Boston, MA / City
  • Buffalo, NY / District
  • Cambridge, MA / City
  • Chicago, IL / District
  • Chicago, IL / School
  • Dieppe, NB / City
  • Greensboro, NC / City
  • Hamilton, ON / District
  • Hartford, CT / City
  • Long Beach, CA /District
  • New York City, NY / District
  • New York City, NY / College
  • Sacramento, CA / School
  • San Francisco, CA / District
  • San Jose, CA /School
  • Seattle, WA / City
  • St Louis, MO / District
  • Toronto, ON / Housing Authority
  • Vallejo, CA / City




Technical Assistance - Vallejo

In the City of Vallejo, California, PBP coordinated the first city-wide PB process in the US, for $3.2 million in sales tax revenues. PB Vallejo has since completed two additional cycles.


New York City

Technical Assistance - NYC

Since 2011, we have served as Technical Assistance Lead for PBNYC, a joint PB process across several City Council Districts. In the 2015-16 cycle, residents in 28 districts are deciding how to spend at least $35 million.



Technical Assistance - Chicago

After working with 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore to launch the first PB process in the US, we serve as a lead partner for the multi-ward process PB Chicago, in which residents of eight wards are allocating over $8 million.



Youth PB in Boston

We serve as the technical assistance partner for Youth Lead the Change: Participatory Budgeting Boston, the first youth participatory budgeting process in the U.S. The process is in its third cycle, with young people directly deciding how to spend $1 million of the city’s capital budget.