Note from our Executive Director


To our community,

I didn't know what our team would be up against when this year started, but we knew investing in radical imagination would help us get to what’s next.

As I reflect on this past year, I recognize that our team, our broader community, and the entire country has held so much. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

While we honor the grief felt by thousands of people impacted by the COVID pandemic, we also hold space for the resilience and indispensable grit from communities across the country demanding new models of safety.

This past year has shown us that we don’t have to limit our imagination to what we have experienced — and that dreaming big and bold is necessary to build an inclusive democracy now that extends into the future.

Our team brings a revived sense of humility, focus, and commitment into 2021 that we are excited to share with you. I’m proud to invite you on a journey of what we accomplished this past year, alongside so many of our incredible partners and into where we can go next together.





What's next

As we look ahead , we are excited to co-build the next iteration of our work. Here’s how we are investing in what’s next with our partners:


New strategic vision with an equity lens

PoPD_Decision Making Power

Participatory pilots that will transform how governments work

PoPD_New Community Leaders

New models of shared leadership

PoPD_Build Community

More PB and community decision-making at the local, state, and federal level

Thank you to our partners

This work is made possible through deep and meaningful partnerships from organizations and individuals from around the country. Thank you for dreaming, ideating, and building together.



January 1, 2020-December 31, 2020 (unaudited financials)


Total Income: $ 1,268,716.90

Total Expenses: $ 1,170,962.16