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NYC Project Map + Reelection Rates

What’s the relationship between NYC elected officials being re-elected and their involvement in PB? Check out this map to see the relationship based on the the outcomes of the 2013 general election and get ready to vote in the 2017 general election! Plus — see projects that have been on the ballot in PBNYC over…

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Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) Data/Technology internship for the Participation Lab

Data/Technology internship for the Participation Lab The Participatory Budgeting Project, Inc. (PBP), a nonprofit organization based primarily in New York City and Oakland, is seeking part-time interns for Fall 2017. Our mission is to empower people to decide together how to spend public money. We work with elected officials, government agencies, and community groups in…

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Why accessibility should be at the center of your work

Accessibility keyboard

Placing accessibility considerations at the beginning and center of a design process does more than include additional people — the end result is clearer design, more people’s ideas, and an improved end product. Equity means bringing many types of people to a place of equal power to contribute and participate. When we ensure that our…

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