Our top victories for democracy in 2017

As we reflect on 2017 and many challenges this year, we find hope in the thousands of people like you building real democracy through participatory budgeting (PB). We’re excited to continue pushing forward, and to share some of the year’s top victories at the Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP). What we did: We expanded PB to…

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Meet Hui Zhen Li – and celebrate with her on June 1st

Have you met Hui Zhen Li, a 90-year-old community leader in Oakland? We’re celebrating her amazing work as a PB leader with Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) at our June 1st Oakland PBParty Benefit! As this summer marks five years of participatory budgeting (PB) in California, now is the time to get your tickets to…

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Why HUD budgets are vital to rebuilding trust in government

Students vote in PB

What do youth apprenticeship programs, safe routes to schools, and mobile showers for the homeless community have in common? They all make communities more resilient, more equitable, and more sustainable. They are all eligible to be funded by Community Development Block Grants (CDGB). And they are just some of the many projects directly decided by…

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Low-income communities make decisions about federal funds

Participatory budgeting is a best practice in civic engagement used around the world for over 25 years to give communities real power over real money. In 2009, PB came to the U.S. with a very local budget in one ward in Chicago. Today, Oakland, California is changing the way participatory democracy can work in the…

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