Delegates and Councillors evaluate PB in Porto Alegre

A new report out from CIDADE in Porto Alegre:

Delegates and Councillors evaluate PB
2009-01-14 11:11:00
Delegates and Councillors evaluate PB and indicate goals to improve the process

In partnership with Cooperative Strategies for Sustainable Community Transformation (ETCS), from Barcelona (Spain), the NGO Cidade organized and carried out a participatory conference titled “Reflections on PB”, August 9 and 23, in the Sindiágua Auditorium in Porto Alegre. The principal objective of the meetings was to build a reflection on the principles, experiences and challenges of Participatory Budgeting in Porto Alegre, at the same time thinking about alternatives to improve the experience. The sociologist Ernesto Morales, one of the members of ETCS, coordinated the work done in the meetings and developed methodologies to secure the active participation of the 36 people present.
PB councillors, ex-councillors and delegates were the target audience of this activity.

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