Last month, PBP was invited to The Laura Flanders Show to talk about how participatory budgeting is building community power, making public spending more equitable and effective, and transforming democracy. Check out the full episode below!

Laura sits down with Shari Davis and Kristania De Leon, PBP co-EDs and Shaun Glaze, Research Director at the Black Brilliance Research Project to discuss the roots of participatory budgeting, ongoing projects across the US, and the role of PB in creating a better future.

You can also listen to and download the full conversation on The Laura Flanders Show's podcast below.

“Participatory budgeting is about transforming the relationship that people can have with government and with community-led decision making so that we make really good, fiscally responsible decisions that reflect community spending priorities.”

-Shari Davis, PBP Co-ED

“How do we actually start to move in a way that allows us to meet our needs together, build relationships, and see value in the collective?”

-Kristania De Leon, PBP Co-ED