Your Turn to Shape the Future of PB!

To practice what we preach, PBP invites everyone who donates to our organization to decide how part of the donations are spent – it’s our own participatory budgeting process.

Yep, we really believe in this democracy thing.

1: Brainstorm ideas

December – February

2: Develop proposals

February - April

3: Vote

April - June

4: Implement winning projects

July – June


  • Build more engagement between PBP and supporters
  • Build deeper understanding of what PBP does and how PB works
  • Generate new ideas for PBP’s work
  • Identify top priorities for PBP’s work
  • Generate more funding to move forward top priorities

How to Propose Projects

Anyone can submit ideas through our online stakeholder survey. PBP also directly asks PB organizers across North America for ideas.

Project Eligibility

Projects have to meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding:

  • Be of benefit to local PB processes or campaigns in multiple locations, not just one city.
  • Be specific, measurable, and require funds to be implemented.
  • Be feasible for PBP to implement in the upcoming year.
  • Cost no more than $10,000.

How to Vote

  • Voting takes place online and at PBP celebration events.
  • Each person may vote once, for up to two projects.
  • Everyone gets the same number of votes, no matter how much or how many times you give. Once you donate, you will receive a link with information on how to vote.

How it Works


PBP sets aside half the money raised in donations from individuals from July 1 to June 30 for you to decide in our very own PB process.

2016 Results

Data for Delegates 

This project is newly funded and in the planning stages. We will develop an initial online hub of resources that delegates can use to make informed decisions about what projects to include on the ballot. Delegates often lack comprehensive data about community demographics and needs, making it hard to assess projects and lift up projects that address the greatest community needs. The data hub will provide delegates with fast and easy access to necessary data, and tools for how they can collect and visualize data.

PB in Schools Video.

This project is newly funded and in the planning stages. We will produce a 3-5 minute PB in Schools video, documenting a PB process in which students decide how to spend part of their school budget. The video will complement the new PB in Schools curriculum and help advocates win more school PB processes.

 Past Funded Projects



Toolkit: Organizing Marginalized Communities in PB (2015) This project is newly funded and in the planning stages. The toolkit will comprise resources and guidance on organizing and engaging traditionally underrepresented communities in PB processes. It will build on outreach materials developed in local PB processes, and will include sample rap sheets and talking points, publicity materials, instructions for phone-banking and door-knocking.

PB in Schools Curriculum (2015)

This project is newly funded and in the planning stages. We will work with a professional curriculum developer to create lesson plans that teachers can use to implement PB in schools, and draw on existing lesson plans drafted for various school PB processes to develop and refine easy to use template materials.

Online Tools for Asking Local Officials to Launch PB (2015*)

This project is newly funded and in the planning stages. We plan to develop or integrate a free online tool for pitching PB directly to local officials. We’ll work with partners and software developers to integrate “contact your local official” tools on our website, so that anyone can write, call, or tweet at their local officials. We’ll also develop sample messages, tweets, and phone raps to help focus organizing efforts. * = Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to fund this project for the 2015 PB2 cycle.

Conference Scholarships for Youth and Low-Income Participants (2014)

We were able to provide travel and lodging for several young people to attend the 3rd International Conference on PB in North America which resulted in the panel Youth Power Through PB featuring panelists from across the country including Vallejo, NYC, and Boston.

PBP Computer Upgrade (2014)

In addition to several new computers, we have also upgraded our software and services to improve billing by tracking hours more effectively and increase our capacity to produce materials in-house.

Develop Youth PB Campaign (2013)

We have worked with Californians for Justice to launch the biggest school PB process in the US in San Jose, CA and are continuing to build partnerships that will bring more young people into PB. We have developed an info sheet, a webinar, and are exploring partnerships with schools and funders interested in PB to amplify and empower student voices. Read more about our campaign here!

Organizing for PB Toolkit (2013)

The first iteration of the Organizing toolkit was launched at the 2014 International Conference on Participatory Budgeting in North America. It has been downloaded more than 250 times by organizers around the world.

Hire a part-time Development Associate. (2012)

The initial $4,000 from PB2 have enabled us to raise $60,000 more to provide support for local PB processes.

The fantastic new PB Intro Video (and an additional short teaser and extended cut). (2012)

With your $5,000 investment, the video went on to win a $15,000 award from the MacArthur Foundation. These additional funds covered additional video documentation of PBNYC.


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With your support, we can carry out even more projects, to help take PB to the next level. The more you give, the more projects we can fund!