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Simplify with PB Key Metrics

The PB Research Board defined a set of 16 Key Metrics which researchers on PB are highly encouraged to use as research instruments, with especial focus on the six core metrics as crucial to the evaluation of a PB process.

Starting December 2017,  version 1.1 of the toolkit and survey instruments is available.

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Consider Special Research on PB

The Key Metrics identify ten Advanced metrics which may take additional engagement on the part of researchers or evaluators.

Please download the Key Metrics toolkit above to access the detailed description.

Additionally, the North America Participatory Budgeting Research Board has identified a number of outstanding questions around PB. Interested researchers should consult the list of Priority PB Special Research Projects, which outlines the most pressing needs for understanding and improving PB.

Topics include:

  1. Democratizing institutions
  2. Deliberation and decision-making
  3. Civic and political engagement
  4. Skills and knowledge
  5. Equity

PB Data Sets

While PBP does not control access to all relevant data, and does not create datasets, we’re happy to answer questions, and love to hear about new research on PB. We are able to share a small set of PB Case Study Data on the Case Study page of our website.

Participedia is also a great source for research and data on PB.

Finally the City of Seattle and the City of New York both have open data sets related to their PB on their respective open data portals:

NYC Open Data on PB  // Seattle Open Data on PB

Need more information?

Interested researchers can contact PBP Research Fellow, Jake Carlson, at jake[at]participatorybudgeting[dot]org.

Good research and evaluation can lift the profile of local PB efforts, as well as help identify areas for improvement and growth in subsequent cycles. It helps us understand the broader impacts of PB on communities and democracy. The growth of the international PB movement is helped by consistent, comparable research and data practices.

North American PB Research Board

The North American PB Research Board is a collection of academic and professional field researchers who:

  • Shape goals for North American PB research,
  • Advise one another on design, implementation, analysis and harmonization of North American PB research,
  • Support communications of research results, including access to and preservation of past PB research results.

Interested in joining the PB Research Board?

Please reach out to PBP’s Research Fellow Jake Carlson, at jake[at]participatorybudgeting[dot]org.

You'll join these other scholars:

  • Thea Crum, Great Cities Institute, University of Illinois - Chicago
  • Benjamin Goldfrank, Seton Hall University
  • Ron Hayduk, San Francisco State University
  • Gabriel Hetland, State University of New York - Albany
  • Gary Hytrek, California State University - Long Beach
  • Carolina Johnson, University of Washington
  • Spoma Jovanovic, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
  • Matt Leighninger, Public Agenda
  • Stephanie McNulty, Franklin & Marshall College
  • Christine Paulin, University of Moncton
  • Sonya Reynolds, New York Civic Engagement Table
  • Chloe Rinehart, Public Agenda
  • David Schleifer, Public Agenda
  • Daniel Schugurensky, Arizona State University
  • Rebecca Silliman, Public Agenda
  • Paolo Spada, Empatia, University of Coimbra
  • Celina Su, City University of New York
  • Ana Paula Pimentel Walker, University of Michigan
  • Brian Wampler, Boise State University
  • Rachel Weber, University of Illinois - Chicago

PB Key Metrics

The first version of the Key Metrics and associated documentation can be found on Public Agenda's website here 15 Key Metrics research and evaluation resources, or in the GitHub repository.