The election may be over, but our campaign for real democracy is just getting started.

We know you’re probably still buzzing from the election, whether you voted, donated, or volunteered. Elections matter – thank you for showing up! But as the pundits start to ponder the next round, we also know that voting every year or two is not enough to fix our broken democracy. At the Participatory Budgeting Project, we’re pushing for big changes  to our democracy, so that we the people can really govern.

Will you show up to support democracy beyond elections?

You know that people deserve a better democracy. You know that people should be involved in the decisions that affect their lives. You know that participatory budgeting (PB) makes this possible.

Donations from supporters like you have helped us build real community power:

  • We engaged 400,000 people in deciding how to spend $300 million in over 30 cities.
  • We launched PB in schools, to enable students and parents to decide school funds, learn democracy, and become civic leaders.
  • We showed how PB can democratize federal, state, and county funds, when these are too often under threat.

Now, at a time when our democracy is under fierce attack, you can push back with PB. We are in this with you. We just won voter approval for a huge new citywide PB process in NYC that will change the way government does business. We won commitments to launch PB in over 500 schools from coast to coast. But we need your help to follow through on these opportunities.

Will you invest in democracy beyond elections?

Donate now to show up for democracy

About Shari Davis

Shari oversees PBP's advocacy work, technical assistance, and operations. She joined PBP staff after nearly 15 years of service and leadership in local government. As Director of Youth Engagement and Employment for the City of Boston she launched Youth Lead the Change, the first youth participatory budgeting process in the US, which won the US Conference of Mayors’ City Livability Award. Shari first got involved in city government in high school, serving as the Citywide Neighborhood Safety Coordinator on the Boston Mayor’s Youth Council and working at the Mayor’s Youthline. Shari is a graduate of Boston University’s Sargent College for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and holds a master’s degree in anatomy and physiology.