PB Manual

PBP Implementation Manual cover

PBP’s flagship PB manual, “Running a Participatory Budgeting (PB) Process From Start to Finish: A How-To Manual,” is a one-stop resource that contains a detailed overview of key goals, tasks, trainings, and necessary tools for a successful PB process.

The PB manual is provided to PBP’s technical assistance clients on a contract basis.

The PB manual is easy to use and designed to be read in any order. It contains:

  • Over 50 ready-to-use tools and customizable templates for each phase of your PB process
  • Six instructive chapters designed to help you coordinate all phases of PB in the most efficient and effective manner
  • Sample project management timelines Best practices for integrating arts and technology into your PB process
  • Media and communications tips and strategies

This manual grants access to the most up-to-date PB tools that have been tested in North American processes. The web links embedded in the document are permanent; we will continually update links according to user feedback and research.

Get the support you need in the PB Manual!

The current version available was most recently updated January 2018. This manual has up-to-date information and templates.

This resource is available to PBP’s clients. If you are interested in purchasing this Manual, or would like more information about our technical assistance, please contact us.