Democracy Beyond Elections

By PBPadmin | December 11, 2019

Our systemically undemocratic system of governance privileges the interests of the elite over the majority. In an age of constant feedback loops and distributed power – from smartphones to YouTube to #MeToo – access to democracy remains largely limited to…

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Crowd of people with some raising their hands. Caption: How Participatory Budgeting is Improving Democracy, Shari Davis

Shari Davis Interview on Building a New America with Jonathan Arias

By PBPadmin | December 5, 2019

Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) Co-Executive Director Shari Davis, recently joined Jonathan Arias on an episode of the Building A New America podcast, a show that reconsiders how laws that were created centuries ago, shape our lives today. In the episode…

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Giving Tuesday is coming up. Here are 3 community leaders we are grateful for

By PBPadmin | December 2, 2019

What comes to mind when you think of who leads our democracy? Too often, we don’t imagine people in positions of power who actually reflect the diverse communities they serve. This especially holds true for historically marginalized communities, including people…

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Unleashing Student Power: PB in Colleges and Universities

By PBPadmin | September 4, 2019

Unleashing Student Power in Colleges and Universities By: Eric Billbrough Special thanks to Salvator Asaro, Alexander Kolokotronis, Jenni Innes, William Novello, Michael Menser, and Jacob Klipstein for sharing their experiences with PB and student government at their colleges and for…

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PB2 Results are in!

By PBPadmin | August 14, 2019

Every year PBP donors join together and do a PB process of our own – deciding together on how to spend a portion of the PBP budget for the year. It’s a PB process for PBP, PB2! Every year, PBP…

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PBP is launching a new Global PB Hub!

By Josh Lerner | July 18, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that PBP is launching a new global hub for PB practitioners and advocates, thanks to a $560,000 grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The Global PB Hub will coordinate knowledge sharing, research, learning, and…

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New Studies: PB Increases Tax Revenue as it Grows the Number of Voices in Government

By Loren Peabody | July 3, 2019

A new World Bank working paper by Michael Touchton, Brian Wampler, and Tiago Peixoto finds that PB and participatory institutions actually improve government balance sheets by boosting residents’ willingness to pay taxes.

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We’re 10 years old! Can you get us this present?

By Josh Lerner | June 21, 2019

I’ll admit, the past month has brought tears (of joy) to my eyes. I’m deeply proud that the Participatory Budgeting Project is celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We’ve come so far together – empowering 534,000 people in over 30 cities…

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PBP Annual Report: 10 Years of Transforming Democracy

By PBPadmin | May 21, 2019

We are celebrating 10 years of transforming democracy and are proud to share our incredible victories from 2018 and our first decade of work. We can’t wait for you to be part of our vision for the future of the…

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Investing in the Young Leaders of Today

By Antonnet Johnson | May 11, 2019

The bell rings. Students spill from buildings into the hot, dry air of the desert. Concrete carries them into the sun. Heat waves along the horizon melt friends and buildings into distorted pools of color. The sting of the sun…

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I’m an Obama Fellow – I am because you ARE

By Shari Davis | April 30, 2019

  Today, I am honored. I’m honored to be one of the 2019 Obama Foundation Fellows. And, I’m honored to join the diverse and powerful 2019 class of community-minded civic leaders. The Obama Foundation Fellowship will allow me to continue…

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PBP News: Anti-Poverty Funds, School Safety, Big New Launches

By PBPadmin | April 25, 2019

Celebrating 10 years of transforming democracy with you. For the past decade, the Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) has been building a movement to transform our democracy. We have expanded and deepened democratic participation in government, especially by communities with the…

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