Shelterforce issue on participatory budgeting in North America

By dev_kqmdt7 | July 15, 2006

The summer issue of Shelterforce magazine has several articles on participatory budgeting experiences and campaigns in North America, and it’s now available online at or Budgeting for Democracy By Alma B. Couverthie and Marianna Leavy-Sperounis Citizen engagement is…

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PB in Montreal

By dev_kqmdt7 | June 25, 2006

An article was recently published in the Montreal Gazette on the PB experiment in one of the city’s boroughs: More information about the PB process is available in French at About the Author Recent About dev_kqmdt7 PBP’s Flickr…

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PB networking session at WUF

By dev_kqmdt7 | June 20, 2006

There will be a participatory budgeting networking session at the World Urban Forum in Vancouver: Date: Wednesday June 20, 2006. Time: 16:30-18:30 Location: MR 12 Co-organizers: Municipalities of Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre, CIGU from Ecuador and PDM from Harare…

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Porto Alegre after the PT

By dev_kqmdt7 | May 26, 2006

Daniel Chavez has written a very insightful piece on the changes in Porto Alegre under the new administration, which has kept the form, but “watered down” the substance of PB. It’s in the most recent Red Pepper. For those who…

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New Forum in Boston Review

By dev_kqmdt7 | March 29, 2006

The site is finally up, basically functional, if not aesthetically perfect yet.  In the coming days we’ll fix the formatting on the main and subsidiary pages.  Please let us know if you find broken links. Boston Review has just published…

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Midwest Social Forum

By dev_kqmdt7 | February 21, 2006

MIDWEST SOCIAL FORUM 2006 JULY 6-9, 2006 Milwaukee, WI University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Union Preparations for Midwest Social Forum (formerly aka RadFest) 2006 are well under way. See below for updates on how you can get involved in this…

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