Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget.

Stories of Participatory Budgeting in Action

Rose & Mariah

By PBPadmin | January 21, 2014

Brotherhood-SisterSol (Bro/Sis) is an organization passionate about youth empowerment through community engagement and education. At Bro/Sis young people become independent leaders by addressing local socio-economic issues in their community of West Harlem, where only 42% of youth graduate from high school. They work with young leaders through their afterschool program, rights of passage program, environmental…

Jenny Aguiar

By PBPadmin | December 17, 2013

Tell us about yourself. I’m Jennifer Aguiar (Jenny for short) from the PB Vallejo Youth Committee and I am going to be a senior at Jesse Bethel High School. I live in East Vallejo by Stephan Maner Elementary School and have lived in Vallejo practically my whole life. How did you first get involved in…

Owen Brugh

By PBPadmin | December 16, 2013

Tell us about yourself. I am Chief of Staff to Alderman John Arena of Chicago’s 45th Ward. I coordinate PB45. I also live in Jefferson Park, which is in the ward. How did you first get involved in PB, and why? I first learned of PB through a friend who worked for Alderman Joe Moore.…

How Participatory Budgeting Works

PB involves an annual cycle of meeting and voting, integrated into the broader decision-making process.




Millions of dollars dedicated to community-driven projects.


People impacting change in their communities.


Local project ideas completed using public funds.

Our Resource Center

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