PB for Orgs: Sharing real decision-making power within our organizations

We're so excited to launch the latest version of Change From Within, a step-by-step toolkit for implementing a participatory budgeting process in your organization! The toolkit is split into two parts: Advocating & Planning for PB, and Implementing PB. Download both parts for free below.

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Have you ever wondered what sharing real decision-making power could look like within your organization? Or do you already use democratic practices internally, but want to turn those practices into budgeting action?

Wherever your organization is at, PBP wants to help you use the power of participatory budgeting (PB) to make your organization more equitable, inclusive, and effective.

We're proud to announce our first-ever PB for Orgs cohort!
Check out the participants here.

When designed for equity, accessibility, and significance, PB can create:

Shared decision-making power

When designed with accessibility and equity in mind, PB shares real decision-making power with people who haven’t been included in organizational decisions in the past. Power-sharing happens across organizational hierarchies.

More equitable and effective spending

Staff, members, and others directly decide how to spend a budget, allowing spending to become more responsive to their needs. Even ideas that aren’t ultimately funded become a resource for the organization.

Increased engagement

Participants can see the tangible results of their participation, which can ignite them to become more involved in the organization. PB is also a strategy for increasing donor engagement and an opportunity to learn about participatory democracy.

Opportunities for leadership development

From joining the Steering Committee to being a Budget Delegate, participants gain valuable skills, like public speaking, negotiation, and facilitation.

Have questions or need more information on PB for Orgs? Reach out to ingrid@participatorybudgeting.org.

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PB for Orgs is an initiative of Democracy Beyond Elections, a collaborative campaign anchored by the Participatory Budgeting Project, which seeks to deepen participatory democracy and civic engagement, beyond and between elections. The core principle of Democracy Beyond Elections is community-led decision making power that is equitable, accessible, and significant.