Your PB Priorities for 2014

The polls have closed and the votes are tallied…we are thrilled to announce the results of PBP’s second annual PB2 process! To practice what we preach, last fall we invited PB organizers far and wide to help us brainstorm and prioritize project ideas for moving PB forward in North America. Then we asked everyone who donated to PBP last year to vote on which projects to fund in 2014. Here’s the final tally:

Project: Cost: Votes:
Organizing for PB Toolkit $6,000 54
Develop Youth PB Campaign $6,000 43
Translation of Materials $6,000 39
Speaking Tour $6,000 30
Design Upgrade of Materials $7,000 21
Celebration of 25th Anniversary of PB $4,000 11


We committed to use half the money raised in donations to fund the projects with the most votes. Thanks to the generous contributions of 193 supporters, we raised over $28,000 total, so roughly $14,000 for PB2. This means that we can fund the top two projects above: an Organizing for PB Toolkit and a Youth PB Campaign!

Stay tuned for more info on these two projects! We’ll also do our best to move forward on the other priorities, through in-kind support and other revenue resources. And if you missed your chance to give and vote, please consider donating to PBP now, so that we can carry out more of your PB priorities.