Join us and celebrate with community leaders!

Join us to celebrate PB and the people that make it possible!


In these challenging times, come support the critical work of building real grassroots democracy and empowering those whose voices are too often excluded from government.

Why attend a PBParty Benefit?

Connect with the PBP community: our PBParty Benefits are a perfect way to connect with those who are passionate about PB and are working in their communities to implement PB.

Build towards a shared vision of real democracy: our PBParty Benefits create a space for nourishing the shared vision of repairing the broken relationship between government and the people.

Celebrate the impact of PB: With the change in the political climate, participatory budgeting offers a way forward for our democracy. It builds empowering and inclusive spaces for those whose voices often aren’t heard in elections--young folks, formerly incarcerated individuals, undocumented people, and many others.

Support an organization dedicated to growing PB: In just 7 years, we have expanded PB in North America from a pilot process in one city district engaging a few thousand people, to over 66 processes engaging more than 100,000 people per year.