Resilience in the face of uncertainty

We know that your inboxes, social media, and text message threads are inundated with COVID-19 news and updates. We are writing today to let you know we are thinking of you and how we support one another in this moment of uncertainty.

PBP stands in deep solidarity with all those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic - from elders quarantined at home, to workers facing layoffs or cut hours and unclear next steps, to voters afraid to hit the polls in one of the most important US primaries of our generation.

Our dedication to centering the voices of the most vulnerable remains steadfast. Our commitment to a new way of doing things, to making decisions together, to addressing inequity and rooting it out, is doubled.

We also want to maintain a clear line of communication with all of you about how we are responding to the guidance provided by public health officials. All PBP staff have been and will continue to work from home until otherwise advised by health professionals, and we are available via digital platforms. We will continue to keep you updated regarding PBP events, and what we’re learning about adapting inclusive, equity-centered engagement in this challenging time.

Let us be clear: this is not business as usual. We are aware and empathetic to the real impact of this global moment on our families and our communities. The PBP team remains responsive to the evolving situation, and we will continue to work alongside all of you to dream beyond this moment.