Looking for a short introduction to Participatory Budgeting (PB), or sample materials from other cities? Take a look at our info sheets, guides, books, and sample PB materials below!

YOU can help reinvent democracy! Participatory budgeting depends on small and large contributions from hundreds of people. You can help support the movement for PB by spreading the word, donating, and volunteering. And if you live in a community using PB, you can take part in deciding how to spend your public money!

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Books by Josh Lerner, PBP's Executive Director:


Making Democracy Fun

How Game Design Can Empower Citizens and Transform Politics

In Making Democracy Fun, Josh Lerner offers a novel solution for the sad state of our deliberative democracy: the power of good game design. Read more from The MIT Press.


Everyone Counts

Could "Participatory Budgeting" Change Democracy?

In Everyone Counts, PBP co-founder and executive director Josh Lerner provides a concise history of the organization's origins and its vision, highlighting its real-world successes in fostering grassroots budgeting campaigns in such cities as New York, Boston, and Chicago. Read more from Cornell University Press.