MyReps Elected Official Lookup Tool

Want to start participatory budgeting in your community? Contact your local elected officials!

Enter your address below and click the search button to find contact information for local elected officials in your city and county*.

Successful campaigns to start PB require support from elected officials who control budgets. And the best way to get them on your side is to speak with them directly. See our organizing toolkit for talking points and resources for reaching out to your officials, and use or adapt this sample messaging for emails and social media.

Try to set up a meeting with your representative, and contact us if you need support!

*this project was funded by individual donors through PB2 where individual donors directly decide how to spend part of PBP’s budget

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The most effective way to engage with an elected official is to send them an email or call their office¬†to schedule a meeting – Search above, and click Contact to get your elected official’s information.

*Local elected official data is only available for the top 100 metropolitan areas in the US.