PBP’s Participation Lab develops and tests innovative strategies and design solutions that streamline PB and deepen, measure, and communicate its impacts.

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Here’s a Texting Tip Sheet that will help PB Implementors get a text-based advocacy project up and running.


Information Management

Collecting, understanding, and sharing information are critical components of every PB process. PBP interviewed seven city or nonprofit staffers who manage PB, and analyzed their information workflows, revealing common challenges with managing information. Download the report here:

Since we found common issues involve moving information between the right people, we developed the following tip sheet for effectively managing information flow in a PB process. Download the tip sheet here:


Digital Tool List for Managing Information

Our research has shown that one of the biggest pain points our clients and others who create PB processes encounter is the need to order, track, and plan around the multiple streams of information collected and needed to share. Below, we’ve sorted 38 different Information Management-related tools.

You can sort by the work phase in PB, the things the tool does functionally, and the types of tool using the tabs at the top of the chart.