Vote for Office Furniture & Equipment! (PB2 Project #6)

By Pam Jennings, PBP Project Coordinator:

Where we work: In our modest little 12′ x 12′ rented room in Downtown, Brooklyn (DUMBO to be exact), PBP has a cozy, windowless space (it’s less drafty that way!) where we collaborate and brainstorm about PB for hours on end. This is where the proverbial magic happens. When we first moved to the space in September, my colleagues and I had a fun time meeting our well-to-do private-sector neighbors in the building and seeing how we could use their hand-me-down furniture and office gadgets to make our space feel complete (we seem to be the only non-profit in the building). Now the private sector neighbors’ generosity has dried-up, and we’re left to fend for ourselves, to make our office meet our needs.

Our vision:  We can imagine a time when PBP will have our very own LCD projector, laptop, and speakers so we can hold impromptu info sessions to bring our message to the masses.  We envision a cabinet full of post-it notes, markers, pens and an abundance of multi-colored sticker dots. We see the time when we won’t be schlepping our personal laptops from home to the office and back again each day. We see the office walls adorned with cork and dry-erase boards, PB inspired art-work, perhaps even a mural of Porto Alegre – the birthplace of PB.

Give and Vote for Office Furniture and Equipment to make our vision a reality, and to turn our small space an inspiring and productive place to work!