For over ten years, New York City has been a leader in participatory budgeting in North America and around the world. From launching among the first participatory budgeting (PB) processes in the United States to expanding PB to 33 districts in the last decade - New York City has set the standard for community-led decision making by empowering real people to make real decisions about real money that impacts their lives.

Now, as we are entering an incredibly important period of rebuilding and some crucial elections in NYC - including a closely watched mayoral race - we have a chance to ensure New York's leadership in participatory democracy continues to transform democracy.

That's why we joined together with 23 community-based organizations & over 31 city council candidates to send a letter to the NYC mayoral candidates stating our commitment to participatory democracy and the Civic Engagement Commission and asking the candidates some key questions, We asked every viable candidate:


  1. What is your vision for the Civic Engagement Commission’s (CEC) PB mandate?
  2. How would you ensure community-led decision-making is centered throughout your administration?
  3. How would you ensure that the over four billion dollars in funds from the American Rescue Plan coming to NYC are serving communities most impacted by the pandemic (BIPOC, immigrant communities, etc.)?

Below are the responses we've received so far. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please email julian@participatorybudgeting.org.


until Election Day!