We are less than 10 days away from our June 1st celebration! Here are three reasons to come to our PBParty:

    1. You will connect with the participatory budgeting (PB) community. Our PBParty is a perfect way to connect with change-makers who are building real democracy in their communities.
    2. You will celebrate real democracy. Have fun, enjoy amazing food and drinks, and a party with friends new and old! Come enjoy food from Speck and Spaetzle and Chickpea Chick, and drinks from Downtown Wine Merchants and Drake’s Brewing Company—all donating food and drinks to support our first PBParty.
    3. You will support an organization dedicated to growing PB: This summer marks five years of PB in California, during which over 10,000 people in cities and high schools around the state have decided together how to spend public funds in their communities.



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