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Our Team


Shari Davis

Co-Executive Director

Kristina Banks

Co-Executive Director

Elizabeth Crews

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Isabel Luciano

The People's Fellowship Director

Rahel Mekdim Teka

Director of Strategic Communications

Ingrid Haftel

Director of Learning & Design

Petula Jarvis-Hanley

Democracy Beyond Elections Coalition Manager

Kayla Knight

Technical Assistance Project Manager

Jane DeRonne

Development Manager

Michael Cusack

Director of Technical Assistance

Alexis Gudding

Operations Specialist

Robbie Barton

Communications Associate

Anita Dos Santos

Advocacy Manager

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Joan Bakiriddin

Elsevier Inc. | New York City

Evan Graner

San Francisco

Cyndi Tercero-Sandoval

Phoenix Union High School District | Phoenix

Robert Sherman, PhD

New York City

Stephen Lafume

Boston, MA