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The Participation Lab develops and tests innovative resources and tools that make participatory democracy practices, including participatory budgeting, easier and more effective.  We also work to deepen, measure, and communicate the impact of participatory democracy.  This work includes developing civic engagement tools such as trainings, guides, videos, and technology to address common challenges in participatory democracy.

Project Highlights

Running a PB Process from Start to Finish: A How-To Guide

Our flagship manual, “Running a PB Process from Start to Finish: A How-To Guide” includes customizable tools, templates, and training plans for every aspect of running PB. This manual can be purchased as part of a technical assistance package.

Outreach Toolkit

Effective outreach is critical for successful PB (and all community organizing work) because the people you engage give power to your process. This Outreach Toolkit will help you plan and execute effective outreach campaigns.

Facilitator Training

This 7-minute Facilitator Training video gives you basic tools to be an effective facilitator for the meetings that are a big part of PB.

Participatory Policy-Making toolkit

This Participatory Policy-Making toolkit provides an overview of participatory democracy practices focused on policy-making and offers guidance for organizers, activists, and advocates to work with elected representatives to bring participatory policy-making to their communities.

PB in Schools Guide

This PB in Schools Guide includes 18 lesson plans and 6 worksheets that are designed to take 45 minutes, once a week, over the course of a semester.

More Resources

Next Generation Democracy

This report highlights PB's impact, features the voices of civic leaders, elected officials, and PB participants, and explores why 3,000+ cities have implemented it.

Municipal Evaluation Toolkit

Participatory Budgeting Toolkit for Cities: Why Data Matters. Learn how PB works, who takes part, and how it impacts local communities and Democracy.