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The Spectrum of Community Engagement to Community Ownership is a valuable organizing tool we can use it to grow our practice of participatory democracy and push for greater community-led decision making.
The Seattle People’s Fellows have played a key role in engaging with youth to get as many as possible involved in Seattle’s historic PB process. We recently got the chance to interview a handful of our fellows about what the fellowship has been like for them. Read what they shared below!
[ CORRECTION: Voting phase will run 10/10 - 11/12, with launch event on 10/13 ]. From October 1st-14th, public voting will open on Seattle's $27 million participatory budgeting process.
We recently sat in conversation with community advocates Megan Castillo (Los Angeles) and Andrew Krinks (Nashville) to unpack People’s Budgets, understand their connections to participatory budgeting and democracy, and discuss how the movement can continue to grow.
This April is Vote Month for the first cycle of the LA REPAIR participatory budgeting process. Three of our staff members, Edna, Michael, and Robbie, had the opportunity a few weeks ago to help get out the vote in Los Angeles and meet some of the community leaders on the ground powering this community-led process.


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