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Community Idea Collection is finished! Community members came together and put forward over 475 ideas for the Seattle People's Budget. 👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻

We are now officially in the Proposal Development phase (August 14 - September 15) of the participatory budgeting process! Our budget delegates are diligently collaborating with city department officials to turn your ideas into official proposals.

PB Process Cycle Diagram

Want the latest updates? Join us for the $27 Million Community Check-In, on Saturday, September 9, 2023, from 1-3 p.m. at Rainier Beach Community Center. Learn more about the PB process, how you can stay engaged through the Proposal Development phase, and share your thoughts and experiences with the process. No RSVP needed!

Community members can also engage during this phase by commenting on ideas that have been evaluated and approved to become official proposals on our Idea Collection Portal:

  1. Visit pbseattle.org
  2. Click on the “Endorse ideas you like” button
  3. Filter ideas based on your interests and needs using the toolbar
  4. Sign in and add your comments on ideas!

We also welcome you to provide additional information that could be helpful to budget delegates as they develop proposals.

Looking for more information about proposal development? Check out the Budget Delegates Guidebook to learn more about the budget delegates roles and responsibilities, proposal development timeline, and meeting schedules.

To stay up to date with information and opportunities for the Seattle PB process, sign up for our email list here.


Contact the Seattle PB Engagement Team:

Telitha Floyd - Community Engagement Director,


Fundisha Tibebe - Community Engagement Manager,


Aaron Carr - Seattle People’s Fellowship Program Manager, Aaronc@participatroybudgeting.org

Abari Eluzai - Seattle People’s Fellowship Program Manager, Abari@participatorybudgeting.org