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Meet our inaugural PB for Orgs cohort!

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This September, we launched our first-ever PB for Orgs cohort program, which brings together folks from a range of non-profit organizations to learn about implementing PB within their organization.

PBP is so honored to introduce this group of amazing organizers, educators, and non-profit professionals! Mouse over the photos below to learn from participants on why they’re excited about bringing PB to their organization and what they’re excited to learn.

"[We want to] make PB standard operating procedure inside our member based organization, and train everyone to participate and lead PB in community processes."
Miguel Acosta
Earth Care
"I hope to learn how to implement my own theories and values of mutual aid and collective work into my workplace!"
Eloisa Aguirre
Geeking Out Kids of Color
"By implementing participatory budgeting, we'll keep power with those most impacted by inequity. As a majority youth-led, BIPOC-led, poor and working-class led organization, participatory budgeting is putting our commitment to community leadership, equity, generosity, and building in public into action."
Deborah Chang
Youth Power Coalition
"I hope to learn how our org can decentralize power in financial knowledge / decision-making. And more widely, has we enter our 2022 budgeting season, how we can build greater participation in our organization's annual budgeting process."
Zac Chapman
New Economy Coalition
"I'm excited to 1.) network, 2.) learn how to implement PB at HEC with our approved budget for an innovation fund, and 3.) gain a better understanding of how to be a PB advocate and organizer throughout Sacramento."
Christopher Cooper
Health Education Council
"Learning how to elevate community voices and develop ideas."
Hiba Eltahir
Health Education Council
"How to engage staff members in this work and how to ensure that all members have a chance to participate and feel heard."
Layne Faulkner
Human Rights Initiative
"I'm really excited about reallocating power to our educators and having a more transparent budget with them so they also feel like they are part of those monetary decisions!"
Samantha Gil-Vargas
Geeking Out Kids of Color
"[I'm hoping to achieve] more experience implementing PB, and an understanding of how we could do this with our partners."
Amanda Hudson
PB Oregon
"Increase community engagement, understanding, and transparency of our budget!"
Holly Sansom
Theatre of the Oppressed NYC
"Embedding PB as a way of being in our organization."
Bianca Sopoci-Belknap
Earth Care
"I hope to be able to facilitate a participatory budgeting process with my team and to understand more about PB in general."
Hana Sun
New Economy Coalition
Isabela Villarreal
Next Up
"I am excited to learn about how participatory budgeting can be used to increase access, equity, and democracy in budgeting processes."
Sarah Wang
Center for Economic Democracy