Celebrate The Fortune Society: every voice matters

Join us in honoring three community champions at our benefit celebration on June 22 at the DUMBO Loft in Brooklyn!

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to The Fortune Society.

We will celebrate their work as an Organizational Ally because democracy and government work when everyone can participate.

The Fortune Society organizes formerly incarcerated clients to engage in participatory budgeting, empowering them to more fully participate in the political process. Unlike in traditional elections, all formerly incarcerated residents can participate and vote in PB, helping them reintegrate into their communities.

Through PB, Fortune Society clients have a direct impact on how city tax dollars are spent. They show that having been incarcerated does not diminish the positive impact that individuals can have on the communities in which they live РPBP deeply values this commitment to authentically engagement with traditionally marginalized populations.

Read more about the Fortune Society’s work on PB in this inspiring Next City article:
Ex-Prisoners Tell NYC How to Spend Money

Join us in celebrating The Fortune Society’s innovative work!



Coming soon, we will introduce you to the other honorees:

  • The New York Women’s Foundation, our Philanthropic Partner
  • Joan Bakiriddin, for her work as a Community Activist


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