Help launch the new PB Video

Last fall, PBP donors voted to fund a new PB Intro Video – a tool that could be widely used to introduce people to PB at meetings and online, and to promote the process to government officials, community groups, and funders. We’re thrilled to share a preview of the video with you, and we hope you’ll help push it to the next level.

We’re so excited about the video’s potential to raise the profile of PB that we’re raising more funds to maximize its impact. We need to raise another $4,000 this week to translate the video into Spanish, add custom animations, secure rights to music, and integrate additional footage. Two generous supporters have already pledged $2,000 in matching funds for all donations this week.

Please check out this sneak preview clip, then donate to help complete the video.

Meerkat Media, who are producing the video, plan to submit it to the MacArthur Foundation’s  Looking@Democracy contest to attract more attention for PB. But submissions are due April 30th, so we need additional funding by this Friday to complete the video in time. Please donate now to take advantage of the matching funds and help bring PB to life.

Thank you for your support!