How PB Works

PB is:
Making real decisions about real money…Not a consultation

An Annual Cycle … Not a one-off event

Part of a Budget … Not the whole budget

How Participatory Budgeting Works

PB involves an annual cycle of meeting and voting, integrated into the broader budget decision-making process. Each city, school, or organization that does PE B adapts it to their specific needs, but PB generally follows these steps:

Begin the Process
A steering committee, representative of the community, creates the rules in partnership with city officials to ensure the process is inclusive and meets local needs.

Brainstorm Ideas
Through meetings and online tools, city residents share and discuss ideas for projects.

Develop Proposals
Volunteers, usually called budget delegates, develop the ideas into feasible proposals, which are then vetted by city experts.

Cast a Vote
Residents vote to divide the available budget between the proposals. It’s a direct, democratic voice in their city’s future.

Fund Winning Projects
the city implements the winning projects, such as laptops in schools, Wi-Fi in public parks, or tra c safety improvements. e city and residents track and monitor implementation.

Iterate the process and spread the word for next year!


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