Join us for a full-day introductory or advanced training on participatory budgeting (PB). Or, hire us to bring a full or partial-day training to you, to meet your community’s specific needs!

Our PB trainings benefit government staff, elected officials, non-profit groups, and anyone looking for hands-on, interactive support on implementing participatory budgeting.

Introduction to Participatory Budgeting

Advocating for PB in your community? Launching a PB process? New to PB and tasked with running an existing process? The Introduction workshop is for you!

Participants will learn the history of PB in North America and around the world, and will gain a deep understanding of the process through exercises to experience the inner workings of designing the process, brainstorming ideas, develop proposals, voting, and project funding. Participants will leave with a better sense of strategies and next steps for moving PB forward in their city.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in planning and advocating for PB in their community. The workshop is especially recommended for elected officials, staff, planners, and organizers looking to gain a solid foundation in PB before deciding if and how to move a process forward locally.

Advanced Tools for Participatory Budgeting

Been running a PB process for a year or more? Looking for ways to make the process easier, strengthen community engagement, or improve outcomes? The Advanced Tools workshop is for you!

Learn about the newest innovations and best practices in PB from across North America and the world. Practice applying new skills and techniques through demo exercises, and strategize about how to integrate them into your PB process.

Who should attend: Anyone who is already playing a lead role in implementing PB in their community. The workshop is especially recommended for staff, planners, and organizers looking to improve and expand their PB process.

Upcoming and Recent Trainings

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