Jan 2017, Study Session: Taking PB to scale – PB in Paris

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Jan 25 2017, Study Session: Taking PB to scale – PB in Paris

What does it take to bring PB to a scale where over 150 thousand people in a city are deciding on how to spend over a hundred million dollars? How can we both expand impact, and deepen democracy at the same time? What tradeoffs might happen as PB gets bigger and involves more people deciding on larger pots of money?
Julien Antelin former Cabinet Director of Pauline Véron, Deputy Mayor in charge of Local Democracy, Citizen Participation, Voluntary Sector, Youth and Employment, Paris. Julien shared his extensive expertise with the Paris PB experience.
Paris has conducted the world’s largest participatory budget. In 2016, they allocated nearly 100 million euros, including 10 million set aside for schools. 158,964 people voted in 2016, and relying heavily on digital tools to increase voting access. Julien has shared a powerpoint presentation that is a great overview of PB in Paris.