arizona state

PBP isn’t holding our own conference this year, but we are convening at Arizona State University (ASU)’s “By the People” Conference!

ASU’s Conference aims to bring together practitioners, researchers, officials, and ordinary citizens to discuss participatory democracy! We’re running a participatory budgeting track at the conference – please register for the conference and join us!


The Participatory Governance Initiative at Arizona State University (ASU) is holding a conference called “By the People: Participatory democracy, civic engagement and citizenship education” December 3-5th which will help facilitate discussion on participatory budgeting and civic action.


This event gathers all who are interested in the democratic process, civic engagement, and education and will be attended by students, public officials, researchers, teachers and community organizers. With about 120 presenters from all over the world, this conference engages various perspectives and local knowledge from the international community. Participants will be involved in numerous workshops that apply theory into practice and build constructive skills for meaningful change. There will also be panel discussions and presentations on the most recent research .


Enhancing the skills required to effectively participate in society will help deepen democracy and create more educated individuals who can work with their community to create transparent, equitable and grassroots change.

*The School of Public Affairs at the Arizona State University launched its first graduate program in participatory governance in 2012. This interdisciplinary program offers an innovative collaboration into participatory governance, engaging students with research, discussions and leading models related with civic engagement and local government.