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We are an energetic, young, and trailblazing nonprofit, recognized for catalyzing participatory budgeting throughout North America. In just a few years we’ve grown PB in the US from a tiny experiment to an award-winning model of civic engagement. We want to keep growing this work so that people everywhere can decide how public budgets are spent. To do this, we need your help!

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PB Amplifiers are supporters who commit to making a recurring donation to PBP and spreading the word about PB. They want to grow and deepen PB, and they contribute their support and voices to make this happen.

  • DONATE: At least $10 per month on a recurring basis.
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Amplifier Levels & Benefits

$10/month $25/month $50/month $83/month
Access to PBP webinars discussing the latest PB news and innovations
Special opportunities to volunteer for PBP, including serving on board committees and reviewing proposals for PB2 
Discounted admission to PBP’s International Conferences and Trainings
PBP Executive Director Josh Lerner’s book Everyone Counts
PBP Sticker
PBP T-shirt  
A book by one of PBP’s co-founders: Josh Lerner’s Making Democracy Fun or Gianpaolo Baiocchi’s Militants and Citizens     
Complimentary admission to PBP’s International Conferences, Trainings, and a PB Leaders dinner      
$120/year $300/year $600/year $1000/year


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