New PBP Programs

In just 6 years, over 100,000 people in over 10 cities have decided on how to spend $100,000,000 in public money for 440 local projects through participatory budgeting. Whew! And with renewed support from the White House, we’re expecting even greater growth in the next five years. To keep up with and to support this expansion, we’ve updated the way we make PB work.


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  1. Technical Assistance & Training. We will continue to help governments, institutions, and organizations to implement participatory budgeting processes and campaigns. Through this work, we aim to develop flagship models of PB and develop best practices in civic engagement.
  2. Participation Lab. In this new program area, we will collaborate with partners to research, design, and test new tools and practices to make participatory budgeting and democracy work better, including new technology, games, trainings, materials, and multimedia. A huge thanks to the Rita Allen Foundation for supporting us in building this program over the next year!
  3. Network Building. We aim to spread and deepen PB across North America by building, supporting, and expanding networks of PB practitioners, organizers, officials, and researchers. This includes conferences, talks, articles, and other public education that expands PB networks and interest.

Through these programs, we aim to develop flagship models of PB in North America, strengthen and streamline PB by developing innovative tools and resources, and create more spaces for PB practitioners, organizers, and the public to collaborate and learn. There are so many ways you can help make PB stronger and more accessible to communities.

Start by:

-Joining us as a volunteer and helping us improve PB models for all communities.

-Working from 9-5 and don’t have the time? Feel free to make a contribution through a donation.

-Get updates from recent work and breakthroughs on PB through by signing up for our monthly newsletter!

Participatory budgeting works
when people like you get involved. Thank you for working with us to change democracy in communities across North America.

Read more about what we do and keep up the great work!