Thank you for your interest in Democracy Beyond Elections!

We are building a campaign alongside strong partners to grow demand and support for participatory practices that enable people to make real decisions in government. This means developing a shared policy agenda for democracy between and beyond elections, cultivating political and community support, and launching collaborative pilot programs that model a more equitable and participatory democracy.

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This campaign is grounded in a commitment to create a more equitable, participatory, and engaged future for our democracy. In this spirit, we've put together a landscape analysis along with researcher Alexa Kasdan to better understand what is possible, what challenges we may face, and what lessons we can learn. Take a minute to check out our landscape analysis below.

What is participatory democracy?

A key component of Democracy Beyond Elections is advocating for a policies and practices that embody“participatory democracy.” Below is a summary of each of the participatory democracy practices that underpin our coalition and campaign, plus resources to learn more!

Action Civics is a student-centered, project- based approach to civics education in which students learn tools of civic engagement by practicing civic action.

Students identify and decide top priorities for policy changes, and connect with decision- makers to put these priorities into practice. Generation Citizen ( and Mikva Challenge ( are two national leaders in Action Civics.

We can't wait to re-imagine the power of democracy between and beyond elections with you.

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