Look here to see if your city is doing PB! Depending on where you live, you may be able to take part in PB in your community. See below for information on how to participate in the existing PB processes in North America. Even if you don’t live in one of these communities, you’re always welcome to visit and observe PB in action.

And ANYONE can participate in PBP’s donor-led PB processPB2.

Boston, Massachusetts: Youth Lead the Change

Funds: $1 Million


Type: Citywide Youth Process

Buffalo, New York

Funds: $150,000


Type: 1 Council District

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Funds: $700,000


Type: Citywide Process

Chicago, Illinois

Funds: $5 Million


Type: 7 Wards & 1 High School

Cleveland, Ohio: Ballot Box Project - Arts Funding


Type: District

Dieppe, New Brunswick

Funds: $300,000

Website: http://www.dieppe.ca/en/servicesmunicipaux/Participatory-Budget-.asp

Type: Citywide Process

Greensboro, North Carolina

Funds: $500,000
Website: greensboropb.org
Type: Citywide

Hartford, Connecticut

Website: http://www.hartforddecides.org/get-involved

Type: Citywide Process

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Type: 2 Council Districts

Hamilton, Ontario

Funds: $1 Million

Website: http://www.pbward2.ca

Type: Citywide Process

Long Beach, California

Funds: $250,000

Website: http://www.pblongbeach.org

Type: 2 Council Districts (including 1 Youth Process)

New York City, New York: PBNYC

Funds: $33+ Million

Website: http://pbnyc.org

Type: 31 City Council Districts

Oakland, California


Type: Two City Council districts (district 1, District 2)

Funds: Federal Community Development Block Grants, $100,000 each District.

Peterborough, Ontario


Type: Citywide

Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Quebec


Type: Citywide

San Francisco, California

Website: http://sfpbd10.sfgov.org / Volunteer with District 7

Type: 2 Council Districts (District 7, District 10)

San Jose, California

Funds: $50,000

Website: District 2: https://d2bernalbaileypb.wordpress.com/ // District 3: http://d3decides.com/get-involved/

Type: 2 Districts

Seattle, Washington


Type: Citywide

St Louis, Missouri: PBSTL Ward 27

Funds: $100,000


Type: 1 Council District

Toronto, Ontario

Funds: $8 Million
Website: Ward: http://www1.toronto.ca/ // Housing: http://www.torontohousing.ca/pb
Type: Three Wards and Toronto Community Housing (public housing)

Vallejo, California

Website: www.pbvallejo.org

Funds: ~$1,000,000

Type: Citywide Process

Participate in PB

Does your community do PB? If so, you may be able to take part by sharing your ideas, developing proposals, and voting!

But even if your local administrators aren't doing PB, you can still be involved in the movement for direct democracy and local control of public funds.

Here's more ways to participate:

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Engaging thousands of people in budgeting is not easy, so we strive to provide materials and resources for local PB organizers and participants. If you're organizing to win PB in your community, feel free to draw on these materials to make your case. If you already have PB, you can use them to spread the word and improve your process. If you know of other materials that you think we should share, let us know.