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Track your budget proposal – Berlin-Lichtenberg 2008

Berlin, the capital of Germany with 3.4 million inhabitants, has to cope
with debts of 61 billion Euro. Therefore it’s interesting to note, how
the citizens of Berlin-Lichtenberg have their say in budget decisions.
Okay, it’s not about billions, but at least about all steerable tasks,
which add up to 30 millionen Euro.

Last year the Berlin borough of Lichtenberg started its pilot
participatory budget. Now it is not a project any more, but a continous
workflow which includes the administration, citizens and politicians.
Based on last years evaluation, the whole process became more
transparent. Proposals are collected in a media-mix from three different
sources: live-events, online-discussions and written statements. Every
single proposal is now documented on the internet. Not only the proposal
and its discussion, but the whole workflow from online-voting, to
editorial changes, to the council-decision, to the implementation can be
retrieved through the online-database. Imagine it like a FedEx-Tracking
System for your political proposal…

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