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#PBParty – meet Participare, the first multilingual participatory budgeting platform

Ed Note: This post was written by Participare for the 2015 #PBParty. We are grateful for their ongoing support and look forward to learning more about the platform in action!

Participare, the world’s first multilingual participatory budgeting platform, will join the #PBParty, at June 16th, in New York.

It’s an SaaS platform designed to manage the entire process of promotion, proposal, voting and execution monitoring of participatory democracy initiatives.

Participare is a product of ChangeTomorrow, a WireMaze spin off created to develop a global platform for participatory democracy initiatives. WireMaze is the Portuguese market leader on eGovernment and Change Tomorrow has been exploring new ways of enhancing population engagement in society, helping people change their tomorrow.

WireMaze started working with Participatory Budgeting in 2010, and since then implemented solutions for more than 30 projects in Portugal and a small pilot in Senegal. The results were so good, with engagement rates as high as 25% of the population in Ovar Participatory Budgeting (, that the team decided to use its experience on participatory processes to build a platform that could help foster participatory democracy processes all around the world. Special needs for countries such as multilingual, different participation and voting theories, voters identification, where taken into account while developing the platform.

“We are strong believers that a widely engaged community will foster democracy, social inclusion and economic growth. And that this concepts can be applied to all countries around the world, regardless of their economic status or democratic maturity”, explained César Silva, co-founder and CEO, ChangeTomorrow.

Participare is a low cost solution which only needs customization instead of development. FREE version is available for smaller groups. Change Tomorrow believes it can help reduce mistrust from citizens and governments on participatory and voting systems, include minorities on participatory processes and improve participatory processes engagement rates.

“Our aim is to provide an easy to use, do-it-yourself, participatory democracy platform capable of adapting to the best practices as well as local specificity.”, said César Silva.

Try Participare for free at:

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