PB Manual

Our flagship manual, “Running a PB Process from Start to Finish: A How-To Guide” includes customizable tools, templates, and training plans for every aspect of running PB. This manual can be purchased as part of a technical assistance package.

Outreach Toolkit

Effective outreach is critical for successful PB (and all community organizing work) because the people you engage give power to your process. This guide will help you plan and execute effective outreach campaigns.

Facilitator Training

This 7-minute video gives you basic tools to be an effective facilitator for the meetings that are a big part of PB.

Arts + PB

Arts & Democracy’s booklet helps you integrate the arts into your PB process to enhance community engagement.

Open Data for PB

PBP is building tools that harness the power of open data to help PB participants learn more about their community’s needs, and make their PB process better. Check out our current projects:

Text Messaging for PB

This guide helps PB administrators learn how they can use text messaging (SMS) to effectively engage underrepresented communities in PB. This guide will help you decide how to SMS in your PB process and choose the right SMS platform, and provide tools and samples to help you launch your text messaging campaign.


We developed a pilot platform that maps all projects that were proposed and funded through PB. Explore what matters to residents and see how PB-funded projects are coming along.

PB in Schools

Schools and school districts in the U.S. and internationally have used PB to engage students, parents, and educators in deciding which school programs and improvements to fund using a portion of the school budget.

PB in Schools Guide

includes 18 lesson plans and 6 worksheets that are designed to take 45 minutes, once a week, over the course of a semester.

PB Evaluation and Research Tools

Developed in partnership with Public Agenda for the North America Participatory Budgeting Research Board.