Technical Assistance

We are a nonprofit organization that helps governments, institutions, and organizations implement participatory budgeting processes and campaigns in the US and Canada. Our technical assistance and training helps create inclusive and effective PB processes that deepen democracy, build stronger communities, and make public budgets more equitable and effective.

We provide local governments, organizations, and institutions with support to successfully launch PB processes and campaigns.

We have worked with elected and community partners to engage 200,000 people in over 15 Cities to decide how to spend $140,000,000 on more than 500 community projects.

PBP’s technical assistance with a PB process can include:

  • Advise, design,and support the implementation of PB processes
  • Advise and support advocacy, organizing, and educational campaigns to launch and expand PB processes
  • Deliver trainings that enable staff from local governments and organizations, as well as community volunteers to implement and participate in successful PB processes

Our approach has been recognized by the White House as a model for civic engagement, and we have been awarded Penn State’s Brown Democracy Medal as the top innovation in advancing democracy around the world.

To learn more about how our technical assistance can support your work, please submit an inquiry via our contact form.

Our main program areas are:

  • Technical Assistance and Training: direct support for those doing participatory budgeting
  • Participation Lab: Pilots, Research and Evaluation
  • PB Network: Building a strong PB community of experts