Shape the Future of Participatory Budgeting: Our Own PB Process


Each year we ask PB supporters to vote for how donations to The Participatory Budgeting Project are spent, through our organizational PB process – PB2. Do you have ideas for new projects that can help the PB movement grow? If so, join us at an online assembly to brainstorm ideas for how to spend money raised through donations from PB supporters like you. The top ideas will be put on the ballot for voting in December. Last year you chose to allocate $9,000 to hire a new PBP part-time development person and to produce the fantastic new PB Intro Video. How should we invest in the PB movement this year?

Read more about PB2 here, then share your ideas at one of our webinar assemblies or through the online form below.

PB2 Webinar Assemblies:

  • Wednesday, October 9th, 8-9 pm New York time

  • Friday, November 1st, 1-2 pm New York time

Please RSVP here to receive information about how to join the webinars.

If you can’t participate in an assembly, share your idea through this online form. Idea submission closes on November 4th!