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Shari Davis Interview on Building a New America with Jonathan Arias

Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) Co-Executive Director Shari Davis, recently joined Jonathan Arias on an episode of the Building A New America podcast, a show that reconsiders how laws that were created centuries ago, shape our lives today.

In the episode titled, “How Participatory Budgeting is Improving Democracy with Obama Fellow Shari Davis,” Shari and Jonathan talked about the limitations of democracy as it’s practiced now, the ways language and access create barriers to participation, as well as how equity improves outcomes.

“Participatory Budgeting is relatively young in the United States but so are many things like Citizens Juries and some of these components that really allow community members to be invited in to government decision making,” Shari Davis said. “Good governance and good democracy looks like this sort of collaboration and changing the narrative from an “us versus them conversation” to a “we conversation.”

Listen to the full episode for some of Shari’s favorite PB projects and a truly intriguing conversation!

People across the country are urgently mobilizing to re-imagine, re-design, re-build a democracy where real people hold power to create communities where they can thrive.

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